Global Local Tradeshow Professionals

A global Network

We started building a global network of trusted stand construction partners. Now you do not have to anymore. New tradeshow location? Come to us for a trusted stand builder located close to your expo location.
In case you already have a design we can let you know what it will cost to construct your stand anywhere in the world. That is what our global network is for, construct stands professionally while making sure you do not pay too much.

No unnecessary transport

Constructing with your trusted stand constructor at exhibitions abroad can be a reassuring thought. Yes, you pay extra for transport and travel cost, but at least you know the job gets done profesionally.

But how much extra cost you actually find acceptable. Did you know that, as an example,this extra cost could for an exhibitor from The Netherlands, exhibiting in Paris, France, could easily reach 30% – 50% of the price?

Using local standbuilders saves a lot of money.

The Hybrid Era

For many years we thought to be in the business of arranging and managing a nice expostand and/or a tradeshow participation for our clients. The Covid pandemic however showed us it is much more than that. We are actually in the business of creating spaces where our clients can do business.

It does not matter if these spaces are at tradeshows, or virtual, as long as your clients have a space where they can do business, share ideas and earn money.

That is why we fully adopt the hybrid exhibition era. Exhibit with us virtually and in person, and blend them, fully integrate them with eachother and your sales and marketing strategy. We are in the business of creating the best spaces to do business.