To team up with Global Expo Stand means offering your clients, relations and anyone visiting your website products and services for their tradeshow participations.

It does not matter where the tradeshow (or other event) is held, it does not matter if the tradefair is physically held or whether it is a virtual event.

In every stage of the event, the preparation, the actual event and the follow up after the event, we offer the products and services needed to turn every event into a success.

How much will I earn?

The short answer is 3% on all items sold through our Global Expo Shop by buyers that came in through you/your website/your affiliate link. Note the following;

We set the cookie duration at 365 days. That means that if the visitor buys within a year after being referred by you, you will receive that 3% commission, also on recurring purchases

Do not like any of the banners? Get in touch with us through and propose your own banner/banner idea. We fully agree, the banner has to look good on your website.

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