Global Expo Pavillions - Share both cost and success

The concept

It is a pavillion, can be a country pavillion, but it can also be a pavillion where companies from various countries share a stand.

Different to most pavillions is that not every company has its ‘own booth’.

Summarized the concept consists of;

Preparation guidance;

o            Coordination with tradeshow organisers and stand builders

o            Tradeshow stand at our permanent multisectoral virtual exhibition

o            Promotion assistance; social media and LinkedIn campaign, online calendar on your virtual stand to pre-arrange meetings

During show;

  • Professional (no shell scheme materials) looking shared pavillion providing class image while sharing cost.
  • Concise product/company display, combined with
  • Larger lounge space where all participating companies invite their relations (so mostly stand is ‘lively’)
  • Facilities for online broadcasting via social media from the stand (pitches, interviews, product presentations, etc)
  • Namecard scanning app on your phone allowing immediate follow up by email (thank you mail with brochures, product info etc.)

Click the animation below for an example of the Global Expo Pavillion


Follow up

  • Namecard scanning app Vivolead for all participants. With this app you scan namecards, qualify the visitors (fast fillable contact form in app) send out immediate (when visitor is just out of your stand) thank you letter with correct product info, brochures etc. And after the show you get all necessary statistics and business intelligence, you know i.e. exactly which type of visitor is interested in which product and which product was a success and which one not.
  • Keep promoting you next event, your next product launch, keep selling your product, keep auctioning off your product, keep meeting prospects through the Smart Global Expo (Multisectoral Virtual Tradeshow)

For whom

For anyone who wants to exhibit in a cost effective way, but at the same time wants to make a professional impression to whoever meets them at the pavillion.

In  general this concept is global, can be executed all over the world. In practice we focus on the major tradeshows in Western Europe and a few tradeshows with a global audience in other parts of the world.

It is our estimate that we would normally need at least 5 participants to make the setup worthwhile. For most tradeshows you would then pay around the same amount you would be paying in case of an individual participation using the shell scheme of the tradeshow organizers. But you get much more in return.

What to do

Mail us (, Phone or message us via Whatsapp/WeChat (+31 6 17520145) to share your tradeshow plans (either your company, or perhaps on behalf of a groep of companies), so we can look together if we could organize a Global Expo Pavillion.