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A brief explanation of all fields mentioned on the form

Attach name card Here; Name card of visitor to be stapled or glued or somehow attached in left upper corner.

Exhibition; Name of exhibition

Year; Year exhibition takes place

No; Possibility to give visitors numbes, starting with 1, then ascending

Write details below if no namecard; At exhibitions it often happens people run out of namecards, forget them, either at the office, or in the hotel etc. If so, please ask them to write down their details anyway in the relevant fields for contact data.

Gender visitor; tick male or female. Simple, but important. You do not want to offend your potential customer by giving them the wrong gender. Also some names can be male in one country, and female in another. Some names can be both male and female in the same country etc. And if you really forgot and do not remember you can always check those baby name meaning websites. They also tell you if a name is male or female. That might help.

Type of visitor

Knowing if it is a new or exisiting customer and knowing what role in the value chain they play helps you understand how to deal with them and what they could mean for your business.

Business of visitor

Obviously, after the show I want to know what the business of the visitor is, again for better understanding.

Role of visitor in buying process

Is he actually the right guy to talk to? If not, try to find out who is.

Marketing info

For you as a salesman perhaps not so important, nor urgent. But for company marketing spending this could be very useful information.


How could we work together in which region for which products? Obviously very interesting information.

Agreed follow up actions

To us the most important section of the form.

What needs to be done, by whom and by when? In other words, how could we win this company over to be our customer.

Follow up rating;

You cannot treat anyone like a king. Set your priorities right.

A = Reasonable to high interest with high potential turnover

B = Moderate or unclear interest or moderate or unclear potential turnover

C = Low interest and/or Low potential turnover

Use our Expo Visitor Report form freely, but do keep our website at the bottom of the page.

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