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Tradeshow Lead-capture optimization and digitization

We are proud authorized partners of Vivolead. Vivolead is a smart and flexible way to manage your tradeshow follow up in the most time-efficient way, but at the same time with the highest possible return on investment. A few advantages:

- Instantly reply back to leads with preset emails, tick the relevant brochures, product or company info, pricesheets etc. you want to include.

- OCR scan of namecards with your mobile or tablet, the system automatically converts the namecards into a readily useable data in a readily useable database.

- Fully customizable to serve your needs and be integrated in your systems. Synchronisation of lead data to cloud

- Runs on both Android and IOS / Export all lead data as an Excel file

- Easy online adminstration panel / Register unlimited no. of leads. / ROI online graphical dashboard

- Runs in 6 languages standard; English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Danish. Soon Dutch will be added as a 7th language.

- No more pen and paper, no more notes in terrible handwriting that nobody can read. Use the dictaphone / audio recorder function, your spoken text is automatically transferred into written text.

- No dependability on good wifi connections (that normally do not exist at tradeshows) all info and emails are stored locally. Once there is a good internet connection, emails are sent out and information is synchronised.

And also, though never intended as an advantage, in times of Corona / Covid-19, no need to exchange namecards, just scan it, and let the system do its work. Stay safe, the Covid-19 virus can survive on namecards from a few hours until 5 days.

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