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We basically manage the entire project, apart from presence at the tradeshow itself. Below list contains the activities that fall within the scope of this service. The list is flexible, perhaps you are managing certain items yourself, perhaps certain items not on the list we can manage for you. What can reasonable be expected to be part of the tradeshow project and can be managed/coordinated remotely, we consider part of the project.

  • Propose planning, once approved, execute planning
  • Register your participation on your behalf with the tradefair organisers, discuss with them best location, negotiate about better location/best possible location (including with regard to standspace at prime locations that may have been vacated by companies not attending due to the Covid-19 pandemic).
  • Registration in exibition directory and exploit all options free and paid (for as far as you are willing to spend money on it).
  • Coordination with exhibition organisers with regard to issues like; exhibitor badges, parking places, invitation/access vouchers,
  • Prefair briefing of your stand staff through webinar
  • Visa application follow up
  • Travel/hotel/lodging advice/proposal
  • Coordination standbuilder (where applicable request offers from (3) local standbuilders and present offers to client for decision)
  • Make sure standdesign is ‘Corona proof’, offering appropriate protection for both standvisitors and stand staff.
  • Advise on, coordinate and order on behalf of exhibitor services like electricity, catering, rental rooms for i.e. presentations, rental of audiovisual material etc.
  • Arrange technical approval by fair organisers
  • Arrange hosts/hostesses/translators (note if you want us to be man the stand as standmanager, please order this service seperately)
  • Coordination logistics of brochures and samples / products to be exhibited (if applicable)
  • Arrange translations of commercial material for as far as necessary
  • Regular promotional posts through our social media, using appropriate hashtags. Sharing all possible promotion material you may have, i.e. press releases, brochures, videos etc. (actively, not passively)
  • Online virtual exhibition stand (2D) on Global Expo Stand website

Note; Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the likelihood of events being cancelled is quite a bit higher than usually. In case the event is cancelled, or in case travel restrictions prevent you from participating, the above project activities will be executred, without extra charge. In the event this happens, the following activities will be added to the project;

- Discuss, coordinate and negotiate with tradeshow organisers regarding financial settlement and participation in the next edition.

-Discuss, coordinate and negotiate with standbuilder regarding financial settlement and participation in the next edition.

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