It is quite understandable you do not want to spend money at this point on a tradeshow participation. Will the show go through? And if so, can I travel there in a convenient way? And if so, can my prospective customers do the same?

On the other hand, you do not want to leave all preparation until the last moment.

For tradeshows in Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium the solution is quite simple, you fill up your shopping cart at , but do not press the order button yet. o Add your stand, add your rental furniture. Only when you are convinced the show goes through, and you are sure you have a convenient flight, you have a place to stay, etc. you push the order button.

Our team will make sure your stand and furniture is delivered, flawlessly.

Oh, and should a tradeshow be postponed? You can simply adjust the preferred delivery date to the date for the next show.

So prepare for your next tradeshow, without investing yet.

We are rapidly extending our configurable system stand options through our global network of standbuilders.

Connect with us on social media, so you will not miss it whenever new countries are added to our list.

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