SIAL Stand Manager (all-inclusive price)

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All-in prices valid for stand management during the next physical edition of the SIAL Paris food tradeshow that takes place. Stand management package includes below services/activities

  • Stand staff briefing on stand behaviour, question techniques and stand procedures via online webinar.
  • Receive samples/brochures shipment on the stand (day before the tradeshow), empty box and arrange pick up empties
  • Inspect stand with standbuilder, if all fine, sign off.
  • Coordinate the delivery of rental items where applicable, i.e. rental furniture
  • Arrange availability of identification badges
  • Troubleshooting (organizational, logistical, technical) of all kinds
  • Motivate, guide stand staff and make sure they can fully focus on engaging with stand visitors and during the ‘quiet hours’ go around to meet prospects and clients on their respective stands.
  • With regard to Covid-19, make sure there are plenty of facemasks available and that there is enough disinfection and cleaning material available.
  • Keep close eye on Corona procedures, such as keeping distance, regular handwashing, adhering to ‘walking directions’ where appropriate.
  • Wait for empties after the show and pack samples and brochures and make ready for shipment.
  • The stand manager will be present every day of the show, from 45 minutes before the start of the show, until 45 minutes after closure.
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