XING-Lead-Machine Service (for DACH-Region; Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

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Let us operate your XING profile (you keep operating it yourself as well). We bring your targeted message to your targeted prospect group through our consultative selling methods.

How it works

- We discuss the strategy (Which (type of) customer to target with which product) optimise your profile

- We gather and where needed update your 'pitch material' (i.e. brochures, video, powerpoint presentation) and together we define your key 'pitch' message

- We contact 50 contacts via your XING account every month. Not just any contacts. We contact key decision makers in your specific 'target group'. And we do the 'smart' follow up, to really deliver you the ready lead for you to convert (Note: you really need to do this part yourself, we can do a great deal, but we can not sell your product like you can yourself).

- When the lead is ready to receive quote, ready for indepth discussions, ready to buy, ready to negotiate (stages depend on industry, product etc), ready to meet you at a tradeshow, sales visit or virtual event, you take over (so you only work on 'deal closing')

- Since we use your XING account you see exactly what we do, how we communicate. And we do evaluate together to constantly improve.

Deliverables (on average, no guarantees); 20 leads 'ready to buy' in 12 months.

Prerequisite; a XING Premium or ProBusiness account is needed for this service

Duration of service; Choose between 6 months (2800 euros) and 12 months (5150 euros; one month 'for free'). The period of 6 months is the minimum period as the 6 months are needed to get tangible results. If you have a specific event (i.e. tradeshow or virtual event participation) within the next 6 months, but wish to use this service as a main tool for promotion, choose the 6 months subscription and explain the plans in the checkout process. We will then compose a shorter campaign targeting more leads on a monthly basis.

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