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Prices change on a daily basis. Sales terms are very unfavourable. Delivery times are unreliable. And quite frankly, it is not what we normally do. We are event professionals arranging expostands on exhibitions. So why join this rogue business of personal protective equipment in times of Corona?

The reason is simple, through our tradeshow network we have people on the ground in China that we trust. We have people who know reliable and quality suppliers. People who know them because they carefully built relationships long before the world heard about Covid-19.

Even with those people, it remains a rogue business. Unfortunately the seller dictates. Please do understand that the way this business develops is never the way we want to do business. But for these products we are now forced, like everybody else in the world, to play by rules that are not ours. The consequence of not playing by these rules simply is not getting PPE products. We cannot change that. What we can change is that there are no cowboy middlemen in between that add a lot to your cost, without adding value.

Take a look at the PPE products we currently supply;

Need specific other PPE products? Let us know, our partners may be able to source it for you.

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