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Did you lately stand in front of you wardrobe not knowing what to wear? Normally you know, you have some sort of office clothing code. But now everything, even that is different. You are now working from home, and you have a video conference meeting. Do you dress up as if in the office? Isn’t hat a bit too much for a 15 or 30 minute call? But you also do not want to look too sluggish right? It is this problem we are solving. Covid-19 forced us to work from home. The end of it is still weeks away, in the most optimistic scenario. That is why we started our ‘Video Conference Fashion’ line. Because we need to bring a smile on eachother’s face. We all need that right now.

How it happened

Corona caused a standstill in our event industry. What to do when all tradeshows are either cancelled, or postponed to the 2nd half of the year? Last week we had a webinar (amazing how many webinars they organize these days, you can easily fill an entire workweek with them), which basically was an interview with Dutch management guru Ben Tiggelaar. One advice he gave to entrepreneurs dealing with the Corona crisis was along the lines of; ‘Sit for a while and contemplate. Think deeply about what your customer needs this very moment in this very crisis. What talents you have that are this very moment useful to your customers. And, he added, this may be something every different than your actual product, very different than what you normally do for your client.’ At some point we knew it. Our customers, but also our partners, and our family and friends, all of them. They sit at home, behind their laptops, replacing the conversations they have face-to-face with video conferencing. Realizing that, it was only a short mental leap to ‘Video Conference Fashion’. We are solving the most serious of the not-important issues, ‘what to wear for your video call’

About ‘Video Conference Fashion’

So here we bring you;

-t-shirts; so you your co-worker who will say; ‘Oh my God, what print is that on your shirt’.

-Coffee mugs; times like this require a souvenir for later. A souvenir that you lift up to take a zip, slow enough so ‘the other side’ can read it 😉

-Mouse Pad, just to make things run smoothly. Don’t be afraid to lif it up and show it off in the camera.

-Baby bibs; Yes, in times of crisis it is new life, new born babies, that lift up the spirit. Our baby bibs are perfect for video calls with grandma and granddad who,sadly, are in the special risk group and cannot visit the newborn.

Last but not least

We make fun, but we fully realize how serious and horrible this Covid-19 crisis is. People loose their health, their lives, their loved ones and their jobs. Since the word Global is in our name, we want to give our support to the people of the WHO who fight covid-19 on a global level. In the order process can choose (optional, not a must) to make a donation to the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

For now we wish you the best of luck with your your video conference fashion products. Stay healthy, stay strong and stay home.

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