We played with the thought for a long time already. Hosting auctions has been on the drawing table for some time. And yes, it was the Covid-19

pandemic and global Corona crisis that accelerated execution of the plans. As part of our Global Online Expo stand programme (more info here) we are launching our Global Auction Stand.

If buyers and sellers cannot meet eachother face-to-face, i.e. because tradeshows are cancelled, i.e. because there are travel restrictions, then in some cases, auctions are a good and efficient way to keep transactions going, to keep the economy going.

What do we auction? Well pretty much anything, as long as it is legal. As event professionals we have been operating in many different industries. As auctioneers we plan to do the same.

Auction fees do apply; 3% of the sales price (so there will only be a fee chargeable if the product is sold, if the auction has been successful).

We wish you ‘Happy Bidding’. You will find the Global Auction Stand here.

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