During the COP 26 Summit in Glasgow, a large number of representatives in the events industry decided it was time that our industry has to step up its efforts to become a greener industry, and to meet the standards set out in the Paris agreement.

Global Expo Stand joined this initiative, we signed the pledge, meaning that in 2050 we need be ‘net zero’, our carbon footprint needs to be 0. And in 2030 it needs to be reduced by 50%.

Printscreen copy taken from the Net Zero Carbon Events Website

The logical first step, namely calculating the current footprint, proves to be a major challenge. Imagine, all the variables that really differ from one project to another.

What is the material of construction? Wood, aluminium, vinyl banners. Is the flooring carpet, wood, laminate. What is the size of the stand? Some stands have an upper floor, not only a ground floor. What is the distance from the production location to the tradeshow venue? Just a number of variables that for every single project is different, every project will therefore also have its own unique carbon footprint.

We are now discussing with a number of Universities and other stakeholders on the development of accurate, but at the same time customer friendly calculation systems/ algorithms. Stay tuned, via our website or social media channels for developments on this.

Does this mean we do not do anything in the meantime? No, that is not what it means. Nature cannot wait for us to get our act together. That is why we started climate action already. For every 100 Euros in turnover you spend with us, whichever the product or service, we will have a mangrove tree planted in Kenya on your behalf. The mangrove tree has relatively a very high ‘carbon intake’, and at the same time, as it grows in the water, improves the ‘underwater life’ as well. A logical choice, we figured.

We have high hopes that with this step, with the carbon offset from planting the mangroves, our projects are already defacto carbon neutral. But a guarantee for this we cannot give, at least not until the mentioned calculation methods are in order.

A very global roadmap

  1. Plant a mangrove tree in Kenya for every 100 euros spent on stands, standservices or any other product or services bought from us, our bought on or via our Smart Global Expo marketplace (no matter from which ‘vendor’ the product or service is bought). – Implemented and in place
  2. Developing a reliable, yet user friendly, calculation model enabling us to tell our tradeshow clients (standbuilding projects) what the carbon footprint for a project is and offer them the opportunity to offset this footprint (for as far as the 1 mangrove tree per 100 euros turnover, would not already do the trick) – to be implemented per 1 January 2025
  3. Make a more precise roadmap than the current once the footprint calculation system is in order – Implemented from 1 August 2025
  4. Introducing cleaner standbuilding options, i.e. cardboard, reuesble blocks. – Discussions with (potential) suppliers are ongoing and this remains a continuous operation.
  5. All our stand projects need to carbon neutral, a minimum of 50% reduction has to be achieved by changing our operations, materials, etc. The other 50% could, where necessary be achieved by offsetting methods (i.e. planting mangrove trees) – latest on 1 January 2029
  6. Carbon neutral procurement – 1 January 2040
  7. Carbon neutral production – 1 January 2040
  8. Carbon neutral logistics- 1 January 2040
  9. All operations carbon neutral with no offsetting by planting trees needed anymore to reach carbon neutrality – 1 January 2040

Want to know more about our road to 0 carbon events and stands? Mail us at mystand@globalexpostand.com

Join us by signing the Net 0 Carbon Events pledge yourself here.

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