We have started planting trees on behalf of our clients with the aim to offset carbon footprint (hopefully fully, otherwise a part thereof). And we continue doing this, for the simple reason it feels like a good thing to do. And moreover, our clients so far are pleasantly surprised by the initiative as well. It is also the first step on our road to become a carbon neutral organisation.

So, whatever you buy from us (for most clients this means ‘an expostand’), for every 100 Euros in turnover, we will make sure, one mangrove tree is planted in Kenya.

If your stand will cost you 50000 euros, 500 trees on your behalf will be planted, 1000 trees for 100000 euros. And a stand of 15000 euros still gets 150 treest planted on your behalf, verified and certified.

Stay tuned here and on our social media. We will share more info on our project and its impact, on our choice for specifically the mangrove tree, and the project in Kenya.

Want to know more? Send an email to mystand@globalexpostand.com  

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