The Hague, The Netherlands / Madrid, Spain; 3 December 2020

This will not be the first virtual event coming across your screen. It will also not be the last either. The aim however is to make it, by far, the most interesting, one virtual tradeshow to replace them all.

The founders stress this tradeshow is not like many others, hastily put together in a wave of panic after Corona abruptly brought the tradeshow sector to a standstill. The smart global expo is a carefully planned project combining maximum virtual presentation, networking and sales options in a favourable yearly exhibitor subscription. The Smart Global Expo will exist, long after the Corona crisis belongs to history. It is not merely a replacement for face-to-face tradeshows (although could be used as such), it serves to enhance the performance of face-to-face tradeshows for years to come. Also it offers all those advantages (i.e. reach more prospects at a fraction of the cost of a ‘real-life tradeshow). At the same time it empowers the exhibitor. Not the agenda of the show organizer decides, YOU decide when to host your events and how many you want to host, without limits on creativity and size.

How does it work?

A virtual base with maximum flexibility for the exhibitor. See below the list of value adding features;

– Visitors; Invite as many visitors as you like. Anyone invited by you, the exhibitor, has free access to the Smart Global Expo.

– Your stand; choose one of our designs, or supply us your own stand design. The virtual stand can also be supplied at ‘real-life tradeshows’, anywhere in the world, by local standbuilders to avoid unnecessary cost.

– Your presentation; Brochures, links to your website, links to your social media channels, link to your videos. Present yourself the way you would at a face-to-face tradeshow. Thinking about it, you probably have more and better options at the most 

– Meeting-/Webinar-/conference rooms; Host meetings, workshops, webinars, product launches, whatever the event, host it. There are no limits in crowd size.

– Sales; Integrated webshop in your expostand, easily hostable on your own website as well / Auction your product, pallet loads, container loads of your products

– Permanent; So not from 11 – 15 april of a certain year (just an example), because that suits the agenda of the organisers best. NO, it is there permanently, and you decide how many, what type of event, what size of event you organize. And you decide when, which time zone, or you opt for recorded event which can be viewed and responded to whenever your guest likes to.

– Permanent (2); Temporarily the Smart Global Expo may replace tradeshows being cancelled. But the expo will stay on after the Coronacrisis is finished. For many reasons it stays on, one of the most important ones is to enhance the success of your offline, ‘real-life’ tradeshows.

– Multisectoral; This does not mean ‘lack of focus’, on the contrary, visitors will easily maneuver to those stands interesting to them. It merely means that if you are are a pump manufacturer you can from to time network with IT service suppliers, or if you are into fresh produce or food ingredients, you can meet up virtually with logistics suppliers as well, both as an exhibitor, as well as a visitor. So multisectoral means, network with those, discuss with those when you need their services, one virtual tradeshow to replace them all.

– Support; Where we can, we will support you in promoting your stand, your virtual events, your auctions, your special offers, and even your real-life tradeshow participations.

Smart Global Exhibitors

The exhibitors do not and will not really differ from those you find a face to face tradeshows.

You will find enterprises meeting up with their prospects and customers.

You will find Export Promotion organisations that organise country pavilions promoting local industries as well as their countries or regions.

As in real life tradeshows, incoming or outgoing matchmaking delegations visit the Smart Global Expo.

From time to time there are workshops, presentations, conferences you can visit.

By whom

The Smart Global Expo; is a joint initiative by Global Expo Stand; and Smart Virtual Fair;

Global Expo Stand is a global supplier of exhibition standbuilding, tradeshow project management, expo logistics and other tradefair services.

Smart Virtual Fair is supplier of virtual expo environments, whereas it is important to know they started their virtual fair business long before the world had heard about the Coronavirus, following their vision and mission.

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