During the last SIAL exhibition in Paris I went up to the Estonian pavilion and simply asked; ‘Where is she? Where is the traditional Estonian Fisherwoman.’

It was the Seafood Expo Global show in Brussels, Belgium, where I came to know the Tradtional Estonian Fisterwoman. I was enchanted by her beauty, her confidence, her strength. Perhaps nowadays, after #metoo it is not done anymore to use female nudity in this way to sell fish. But I was so much inspired to even have myself photographed with on the background the traditional Estonian Fisherwoman. Of course it was also the humour that attracted me (or do Estonian fisherwomen actually look like this?). The idea behind the banner was to show that eating fish keeps you fit, young and beautiful, Estonian women have no equals to beauty and health the ad says.

When I followed up the contact by phone after the exhibition I was told that the banners with the Estonian Fisherwoman were stolen. During dismantling of the stand, they miraculously disappeared. I laughed but at the same time I was slightly worried. It occurred to me that I must be/must have been one of the prime suspects of the theft.

So therefore I declare here and now; ‘It was not me. Really, It was not me’. I sincerely hope you all believe me.

This story came to mind when I saw that Estonia is 100 years old now, founded in 1918. May the mystery of the banners gets solved one day (do contact me if you know more about this 😉). May there be many successful Estonian exhibition participations, both through pavilions as well as through individual participations, in the next 100 years. And it is our sincere wish to play our part in this success. Happy Birthday Estonia.

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