Starters (how to make them ‘stop and talk to you’:

– What brings you to our stall?

– What business are you in?

 How do you use our product?

 What exactly do you do with our products?

Get information (they stopped, and seem to use your product. Now you want to dig deeper, really explore what options there are :

– What is the yearly demand for this product?

– You say ‘Good Quality’. What do you mean with that?

What delivery times are acceptable for you?

– You say ‘short delivery’ what do you mean with that?

 You say ‘low price’. With wath should I compare that?

 What else than ‘low price’ is important to you?

 What should I offer to become your supplier?

Towards the deal/closing

– When can we expect your first inquiry/order?

– Supposed we meet all your demands, when can we expect your first order?

– How can we start our cooperation?

Statement/open question towards the deal/closing

– What if you order a first testbatch next week. How does that sound to you?

– If we start with a monthly shipment of one 20 ft. container now, how does that sound to you?

– What if we were to appoint you as our distributor, how would you feel about that?

Note; these are examples only. But if you ‘have them ready’ the conversation should run smooth

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